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wp-admin Link is Not Working, How to Fix it

wp-admin Link is Not Working, How to Fix it

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wp-admin link is not working, how to fix it


Don’t worry you are in right pace, if you are using wordpress often you’ll face some problems.

When you typed your website link with wp-admin but you redirected to your front end website, it may be cause of some reasons. You can do the following things.

  • Clear your  Browsing history, Cached images and files and Cookies and other site data.

If you still facing the same problem, this kind of problems are occurring in wordpress by cause of some plugins when you’ll install that. You can solve this problem by just Renaming the folder, following the step bellow,

  • Logging in to FTP account via thirdparty software are simply by Cpanel (
  • Go to WWW/Publich_html directory
  • wp_content
  • Plugins to “Plugins0”

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