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Wonderful WordPress Contact, request, application form builder

Wonderful WordPress Contact, request, application form builder

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Wonderful WordPress Contact, request, application form builder


I hope you tried much time but you got the same result every time.

You don’t need to worried about any more because today I’m going to share with you a full and final Contact form Generator which you also will like same to me.

That Plugin name is Visual Form Builder. Yes when I created my first form then I was so excited to look the feature in this plugin. So I thought that, there are also will some other people who will need this form that’s why I’m sharing with you and I hope you’ll need it.

This plugin is very easy to manage and create forms according to your needs.

I’m also going to create the video about this plugin that how could you’ll be able to create your required form by Visual Form Builder. So please don’t waist your important time any more just check it one time and I hope you also will share it with your friends. (This is not my plugin but I’m satisfied form it!)

I have copied some of the features from the author site…


  • Add fields with one click.
  • Drag-and-drop reordering.
  • Simple, yet effective, logic-based anti-SPAM system.
  • Automatically stores form entries in your WordPress database.
  • Manage form entries in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Export entries to a CSV file.
  • Send form submissions to multiple emails.
  • jQuery Form Validation.
  • Customized Confirmation Messages.
  • Redirect to a WordPress Page or a URL.
  • Confirmation Email Receipt to User.
  • Standard Fields.
  • Required Fields.
  • Shortcode works on any Post or Page.
  • Embed Multiple Forms on a Post/Page.
  • One-click form duplication. Copy a form you’ve already built to save time.
  • Use your own CSS (if you want).
  • Multiple field layout options. Arrange your fields in two, three, or a mixture of columns.



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