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How To Make Money From My WEBSITE?

How To Make Money From My WEBSITE?

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How To Make Money From My WEBSITE?



If you are really interested in making money from your website so you are in the right place, just follow the following steps bellow and then see what happening?

You should have an idea about your website that what kind of website you’ll have or you already have a website? I mean that you want to make money from your blogging website or from other kind website. If you still have any idea then read the next step.


First of all you will need a website (if you have a website then this step is not for you), like e.g, etc.

If you are new and don’t know that how to buy a website with hosting so bellow I have mentioned some recommended hosting services providers.


Above are the best and trusted Hosting Providers for your Domain. Select one of them and register your website from the trusted Web Hosting providers.

After registering your Domain from the trusted Web Hosting Providers you’ll need to do live your website over the internet. I hope you’ll know that how you can install WORDPRESS in your website, if don’t you can watch that tutorial by clicking here.

After installing WORDPRESS in your website you’ll have to put some content in your website, i.e some texts, images in good format.

After completing your website creation you’ll have to share your website on some social website like FacebookGoogle PlusInstagramtwitter and linkedin etc for creating visitors. When you’ll understand that now you have a nice traffic to your website so its a time to make money from your website.

Create your Adsense, clickbank or amazone affiliate account and share ads code or products on your website and you done it.


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