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How to generate money from third party software and apps

How to generate money from third party software and apps

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How to generate money from third party software and apps


Yes its possible to create money from third party software and apps, but you also have to do a bit hardworking. As you know that creating software or apps are not so easy as we can share third party software and apps. I’ll assume SOFTONIC or CNET. They are not creating software and apps their own but they are just providing third party software and apps to the needed person at one point. Let suppose if there is a person named Alex, he need a software for accounting. But he don’t know from where he can find the best software? So he just have to visit SOFTONIC OR CNET website and he can get the one from there what he need.

Now Alex got his required software, but what SOFTONIC and CNET’S benefits were? By Alex’s arrivals to these websites, they got one visit to their website, where there were lots of advertisement on those website’s different pages, someone on impressions based, cost per click, and someone for sponsorship based.

Sponsorship bases mean the owner of any products who paying monthly for placing ads on these websites.

So these are are the benefits and importance of software marketplace/directory website, and the CEO of software marketplace’s can earn enough revenue per month.

For that purpose I have created one Clone Website, which will perform the same functionality as SOFTONIC and CNET. But here something will different that is, this you’ll be OWNER no anyone else.

How to manage when I’ll get it?

Its super easy to manage as you are using mobile app. You can manage everything in one place by “Admin-Panel”, You can do the following things.

Once you got access to Admin-Panel then you’ll be able to do those are:

  • Add admin(s) to control your entire website.
  • Add software with information, such as software OS(operating system), software size, language, PROS & CONS, Screenshots (by sliding), importance, license (free or paid) and much more.
  • Update software version.
  • Delete software or move to draft.
  • You can add Sponsorship based software.
  • You can add articles for tutorials of how to use software (which is most popular in youtube now days).
  • You can add sponsorship base articles on front page.
  • You can add Google Adsense or other Sponsors codes on different pages where you need.

Much more functions will be added on your demand.

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