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How to create Social Website like facebook?

How to create Social Website like facebook?

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How to create Social Website like facebook?

Did you wished that you should need your very own social website like facebook? Yes then you are in right platform just follow some step and then you’ll have your own social website like other social website.

First of all you have to chose a name for your social website, that should be easy and meaningful. Easy mean your social website name should be easy in remembering, saying and writing in the browser, because latter it will be easy for your members.

I hope you done it!

In the next step you have buy a DOMAIN related to your business name e.g I’ll show you some Trusted Web Hosting Services Providers GodaddyBluehostPwbhosting etc.

After buying a domain name with hosting and ssl certificate. SSL certificate is very important for social websites while it a secure features of web hosting and websites. In SSL certificate feature you can receive and send credits from credit cards while it secure sources.

I hope you done it! 

Now it a time to develop your Social Website Live. If you are web developer and knows how to manage codes to create social website so its OK but if don’t know so it is very hard to learn php, mysql and more languages for less time. If you have enough budget for your social website so you’ll need to contact with a developer that he will do it all for you, but it’ll be very costly and time consumption process.

You have to buy ready made beautiful scripts here I’m going to show you some examples and most popular scripts that are matching to your requirements.

After buying one of these beautiful and best social networking script, the developer of the relevant scripts they’ll provide you instant assistance for installing and in some case they’ll install the scripts in your server (if need).


After creating your social site please let us know that we will create our page in your social website or reserve “edilancer” username for our website page.

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